Our Approach


“Our goal is to help you become pain free in all areas of your life.”


At Healing Touch Acupuncture, my goal is to help you feel GREAT! Through acupuncture, microcurrent and my other healing tools, I will assist you to enjoy pain-free living by treating the root cause of your symptoms. Many aches, pains and ailments are derived from a root issue that is creating a ripple effect in your body. As a result, treating the symptoms does not heal the root cause, so your symptoms will keep coming back or new symptoms will arise. Let me get to the root cause of your problems to help you achieve lasting results and live pain-free.

I am unique as a Portland acupuncturist because I am skilled in both the ancient and powerful tools of acupuncture and herbs, as well as my additional expertise as a counselor. As a “modern acupuncturist” — trained in sports medicine, neuromuscular release, potent microcurrent, cold laser, and LED light –I stay abreast of the latest research in both acupuncture and medicine to facilitate increased healing for you.
When you come to me for help, you can be assured that you will not only experience relief from pain, but that I will work hard to make you feel safe, assured, validated, and that your concerns will be heard.

~Chérri Gallison, LAc, LPC

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